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How To Measure Bracelets

Bracelet Size


Its very simple to order bracelets when you know the correct size of your wrist.  Here are some easy instructions for taking wrist measurements that will ensure your bracelets will be comfortable as well as flattering.


Wrap a flexible tape measure just above the wrist bone. Do not pull it tight.  Add about 1/2 to 1, adjusting the tape measure so it feels just the way you want the bracelet to fit; that is the size bracelet you should order.  Everyone has a different idea about how they like to wear their jewelry.  If you like bracelets that fit loosely so they will slide some distance as you move about, you would most likely prefer adding 1.  If your preference is for the bracelet to have minimal position change, add 1/2.  Not adding anything to the measurement will likely result in a ordering a bracelet that is uncomfortable because it is too snug.


Substituting a piece of string is another way to measure.  Same as you would wrap a flexible tape measure, wrap the string just above the wrist bone.  Do not pull it tight.  Use a marking pen to mark the string at the place it begins to overlap.  Now lay the string flat on a ruler.  Increase the measurement of the string about 1/2 to 1 according to your fit and wearing preferences.  This is the size you would wear.


Here is something to keep in mind.  It is the inside circumference of the bracelet that matters most.  The actual length of a bracelet - meaning, what it measures from end to end - is not important.   This is because the size of the beads will affect the ratio of the length to its inside circumference.  The larger the beads are, the longer the bracelet needs to be.  Likewise, smaller beads will require a shorter bracelet.


So please do not use the linear measurement of a bracelet you have now, as this will likely result in the incorrect size of the item you want to purchase.


Use these directions to find the correct size of ankle bracelets, too.  Measure above the anklebone and consider how you want the ankle bracelet to fit and feel.

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